As a traditional research & development institute, SRIBS has been undertaking innovation of industry science and technology. SRIBS ensures the quality and safety of engineering projects, and reaches into green, energy and healthy solution by collaboration with a great number of partners and customers.

In the last years, SRIBS is voted as China Top 10 green building service providers. From 2018, SRIBS is among the first whole process engineering consultation pilot units. And in 2020, SRIBS became a state prefabrication building industry basement.

  • The first green building in China, created by SRIBS in 2004

  • New office building of SRIBS, One of the first super energy efficient buildings in China, created and EPC by SRIBS.

  • SRIBS set up branch in state strategic development zone

  • Shanghai Brand Certificated Engineering Consulting Service Provider State Prefabricated Building Industry Basement

  • SRIBS hosted China mix climate zone green building alliance summit

  • Compilation and publishment of Shanghai construction industry development report




Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences Group Co., Ltd.