In the last decades, SRIBS has undertaken hundreds of state and ministry research projects, which generated a great number of productive achievements, including standards, patents, copyrights and awards.

State Science & Technology Award

  • Concrete Structure Fire Resistance Challenging Technology and Development

Shanghai Science & Technology Award

  • Prefabricated Concrete Highraise Residence Building Challenging Technology
  • Solid Waste Utilization and Green Building Envelopment Challenging Technology
  • Modern Wood Structure Challenging Technology
  • Green Building Performance Optimization Based on Energy and Environment Joint Control
  • University Running Energy Dynamic Assessment and Optimization Challenging Technology
  • Building Integrated Sun-shading Challenging Technology
  • Green Building Overall Design in Aspect of Running Effect
  • Flexible Lift Challenging Technology for Super Large Area and Span Steel Structure Roof

Huaxia Construction Science & Technology Award

  • Historic Wood Building Conservation and Renewal Challenging Technology
  • Building Engineering Information Modelling Challenging Technology
  • University Running Energy Efficiency Comprehensive Technology
  • Huge Load an Super Low Speed Construction Life Safety Device Technology
  • Building Light and Heat Environment Challenging Technology
  • Building Water Conservation Product Challenging Technology
  • Public Building Running Energy Big Data Application
  • Zhuhai Building Running Energy Monitor Platform Challenging Technology



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